Community Challenge 

LONG WEEKEND Challenge No 14
Takes place between Thurs 28th & Monday 1st of June

Challenge No 1
5 Mile (8km) time trial - any route, go for it and push hard

Challenge No 2
Steady out, faster back - 3K or 6K
Nice and steady out, reach half way and turn on the power towards home

Challenge No 3
St. Cocas Virtual 5K  - Run Any 5K Route - No down hills people :-)
(Use the above link to register and best of luck)

Challenge No 4
10K time trial - aim for a negitive split and finish strong

Challenge No 5
Watch the clock
After warming up, run 1 min hard followed by 1 min easy; then 2 min hard, 2 min easy; 3 min hard 3 min easy, before reducing down to 2 min hard, 2 min easy and finishing with 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy

Challenge No 6
1 Min hard, 1 min easy. As the name suggests, after warming up, just start to run harder (but not flat out) for one minute, followed by an easy minute.
Warm up for at least 10 mins of easy running before starting!
Keep the main session between 10 & 20 mins long

Challenge No 7
Long easy 10 mile run
Get out, keep the pace easy and take in the local nature & scenery

Walk Challenge:
Power Walk - 70 mins
(Get out each day for a 60 mins walk at normal pace and then power walk, picking up the speed for the last 10 mins. (Swing those arms and really get the body moving - you can do this)
(Record online your activity to track your progress)

*Remember to stick to the 5 km radius limit and respect social distancing guidelines of 2 meters*