Wednesday Adult & Fit4Life Training Group

Due to the large number of members attending training on Wednesday evenings. The following new procedures will be implemented to allow training to commence from Wednesday the 17th of June.

Rules & Procedures for resumption of training

For insurance reasons, training is only available for paid members of the club. Unfortunately, the policy of recruiting / bringing a friend along to see if they like the training is suspended until further notice.


All training will require pre-booking using our online training request form.


This will allow the club to establish the following:

  • number of members interested in training

  • the current rough fitness of the member for group allocation

*If the current training numbers (42) are oversubscribed the only fair way to make sure every member receives training is to draw up a training roster. This way will ensure that everyone receives a minimum of 2 to 3 track sessions a month.

Members will be divided into 3 groups based on current running ability.


On arrival, members will NOT congregate at the club cabin and will instead move promptly to their group positions on the map below.


There will be no large group warm up, stretches or cool down. Each small group will do their own.


All members that attend training MUST fill out our Online Contact Tracing form 

Failure to fill this out, will mean that future training will no longer be provided for that member.

Fit4Life Track Positions.png