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Archives 2017

All Ireland XC - Waterford IT - 17/12/2017

In the last competitive event of the year St Cocas were represented by u15 boys and u17 girls. A top 8 performance was he target and both teams achieved this. The boys 7th and the girls 8th. Top performances on the day from Eoin Richards who had a marvellous run to finish 18th.

U15 boys:
18 Eoin Richards
34 Oisin Farrell
54 Thomas Richards
122 Emilis Galinaitis
130 Tadgh McCauley


U17 girls:
39 Aoife O'Cuill
54 Kirsten Monaghan
92 Aoife Rattigan 
94 Maud O'Shea
105 Rachel McEnroe

All Ireland XC - Abbotstown - 26/11/2017

4th place for Conor Murphy in the boys u12 was the highlight of a great days running at the National Sports Complex in Abbotstown. Athletes from the four corners of the country were taking part competing for club, county and province.  The boys u12 team finished 11th overall on the day with Conor leading the Leinster team to gold provincial medals. Thomas Richard also had a fantastic run in the boys u14 race to finish 15th and score on the silver medal winning Leinster team. The girls u16 team were 10th led home by Orla Reidy.

Boys U12:
4 Conor Murphy
60 Joseph Richards
123 Daniel Geraghty
134 Cillian McCauley
136 Robert Lynch
145 Liam McDonald

Boys U14:
15 Thomas Richards

Girls U16:
44 Orla Reidy
45 Kirsten Monaghan
96 Aoife Rattigan 
110 Maud O'Shea
126 Rachel McEnroe

Boys U16:
46 Eoin Richards
72 Oisin Farrell

Girls U18:
Aine Burke

Leinster Cross Country - Adamstown - 12/11/2017

Mucky conditions greeted the athletes at the Leinster cross country held in Adamstown Co Wexford on Sunday 12th November.

Great performances all round with three teams qualified to All Ireland.

U9 girls:

12 Juliet Olivier

Aine McCauley


U11 boys:

28 Daniel Geraghty

29 Robert Lynch

52 Finn Dowling

56 Mark McDonald

70 Liam McDonald

71 Robert Murphy

129 Akin Akintayo


4th club qualified to all Ireland


Girls u13:

23 Aoife McNerney

78 Niamh McDonald

90 Ava Geoghegan

94 Aoishe Gormley

97 Tayo Akintayo


12th team


Boys u13:

46 Conan Lennon

47 Joseph Richards

61 Conor Murphy

106 Cillian McCauley

122 Conor McNerney


12th club


Girls u15:

21 Orla Reidy

59 Ciara Gormley


Boys u15:

5 Oisin Farrell

14 Eoghan Richards

19 Thomas Richards

50 Tadgh McCauley


Leinster club champions


Girls u17:

10 Aoife O'Cuill

14 Kirsten Monaghan

23 Aoife Rattigan

38 Maud O'Shea

39 Rachel McEnroe

43 Lea Murray


2nd club team


Boys u17:

48 Shane McNerney

56 Ben Doherty

Dublin City Marathon - 29/10/2017

Dublin City Marathon Finishing Times;



Aidan Maher           4.08.00

Andrew Purcell       5.22.26

Ann Marie Furlong  4.12.05

Bernard Phelan       3.34.26

Brenda Kelly            4.12.59

Brendan Fay           4.16.14

Brendan Nurney     4.05.36

Bryan O'Connor      2.47.30

Caitriona Slaughter 4.42.18

Catherine Leonard  4.51.01

Claire Lyons             3.56.45

Colin O'Neill             3.24.37

Conor Devanney     3.15.42

Darren Maher          3.17.25

David Walsh            4.33.12

Emma Jane Snee    4.20.10

Fiona King               3.44.22

Glynnis Reidy          4.12.00

Grainne Butler        3.50.14

Imelda Higgins       5.07.49

John Murray           3.06.22

Leeroy Graham      3.27.53

Leonie Foran         4.14.37

Lorna Cullen          4.37.47

Marie Baten           4.22.31

Martin Baten          3.04.24

Mark Leonard        3.28.09

Michael McGrath   3.30.33

Olivia Berminghan 3.38.34

Pauline McEnroe   4.18.05

Richard Keeffe       4.03.30

Regina Fenlon       5.38.57

Shane Brilly           3.38.30

Leinster Cross Country - Navan - 28/10/2017

Round 1 of the Leinster cross country took place on 28/10/2017 at Navan Adventure Sports centre.

St Cocas were represented in all age categories from u10 to novice with some terrific performances. 

U10 girls

4. Elaina O’Malley
11. Erin Murray
13. Roisin Beggan
Lucy O’Rorke
Tara McEnroe

U10 boys
Robert Murphy
Gearoid McCauley
Cormac Murray
Senan Loughrey

U12 girls
Georgia Nolan
Meadhbh Cullen
Grace Keogh
Rionnach Lennon
Aoishe Gormley
Hannah O’Rorke


U12 boys
9. Conor Murphy – Leinster team
21. Joseph Richards
32. Robert Lynch
57. Daniel Geraghty
64. Cillian McCauley
65. Liam McDonald
79. Mark McDonald
92. Conor McNerney
95. Jake Rimmer
110. Dylan Kiely

2nd club team, qualify to All Ireland


Girls u14
43. Aoife McNerney
65. Cliona O’Toole
69. Niamh McDonald
113. Emma McEnroe

10th club
3rd county team for Kildare with Aoife McNerney a member


Boys u14
10. Thomas Richards – Leinster team
50. Conan Lennon
58. Tadgh McCauley
62. Darragh Loughrey

5th club team


Girls u16
9. Orla Reidy – Leinster team
29. Kirsten Monaghan
34. Aoife Rattigan
40. Maud O’Shea
53. Ciara Gormley
60. Rachel McEnroe
62. Lea Murray

4th club team, qualified to all Ireland 


Boys u16
17. Oisin Farrell
29. Eoin Richards
65. Ben Doherty
69. Adam Cullen

4th club team, qualified to all Ireland
Kildare 1st county. Oisin and Eoin members


Girls u18
29. Aine Burke

Kildare 3rd county, qualified to all Ireland

Boys u18
52. Shane McNerney

Novice women 4k

40. Lynda Gormley  17.12
47. Nicole O’Malley  17.24
69. Emma McCluskey  18.23


Novice men 6k
62. Gavin Scanlon  22.52
82. Niall Byrne  23.37
92. John O’Boyle  24.29

Kildare Championships - Kildare - 08/10/2017

More great performances from St Cocas athletes at Day 2 of the Kildare championships held in Suncroft on Sunday 8th October. Three more county champions were crowned for the club. Daniel Geraghty u11, Orla Reidy u15 and Oisin Farrell u15. Team title for u11 boys with an amazing result of 5 runners in the top ten. Team title also for u15 boys and u17 girls. Well done to all the runners who represented the club in such a positive manner. 
Leinster competition is next for the cross country teams. Saturday 28th October in Navan Co Meath and Sunday 12th November in Adamstown Co Wexford.



U9 girls
2. Juliet Olivier
5. Emily Geraghty
8. Aoibhin Beggan
15. Sinead Shine
16. Sarah Shelly
27. Aine McCauley
48. Laura Kelly


2nd club team

U9 boys
25. Adam Byrne
28. Ryan mcCreevy

No team


U11 girls
13. Roisin Beggan
20. Sofia Moorehouse
29. Erin Murray
41. Emily Byrne
61. Tara McEnroe

6th club team


U11 boys
1.Daniel Geraghty – Co Kildare champion
2. Robert Lynch
5. Finn Dowling
7. Liam McDonald
10. Mark McDonald
18. Akin Akintayo
20. Robert Murphy
31. Cormac Murray
32. Senan Loughrey

1st club team


U13 girls
4. Aoife McNerney
8. Niamh McDonald
10. Ava Geoghegan
12. Tayo Akintayo
19. Ruby Olivier
30. Orla Flynn
36. Georgia Nolan
38. Rionnach Lennon

2nd club team


Boys u13
2. Conan Lennon
6. Conor Murphy
10. Joseph Richards
15. Darragh Loughrey
20. Cillian McCauley
22. Conor McNerney

2nd club team


Girls u15
1.Orla Reidy – Co Kildare champion
8. Ciara Gormley

No club team


Boys u15
1.Oisin Farrell – Co Kildare champion
3. Eoin Richards
5. Thomas Richards
7. Tadgh McCauley

1st club team


Girls u17
2. Aoife O’Cuill
3. Kirsten Monaghan
7. Aoife Rattigan
11. Maud O’Shea
12. Rachel McEnroe

1st club team


Boys u17
5. Shane McNerney
10. Ben Doherty
11. Matthew Kiely
13. Adam Cullen

2nd club team

Primary Schools XC - Kilcock - 22/09/2017

Results from the Primary Schools Cross Country Race held in Kilcock on 22/09/2017 are;

4th Class Girls:

  1. Anna Killian Presentation Maynooth

  2. Clodagh McCarthy Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich

  3. Roisin Beggan Scoil Coca Kilcock

  4. Cora Harrington Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich

  5. Molly Dignam Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich

  6. Sophia Moorehouse Scoil Coca Kilcock

  7. Niamh O’Mahoney Robertstown

  8. Elaine O’Keeffe Presentation Maynooth

  9. Siofra Loftus Lynch Presentation Maynooth

  10. Caoimhe Ni Drisceoil Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich


4th Class Boys:

  1. Daniel Geraghty St Josephs Kilcock

  2. Bryan Caffrey Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich

  3. Sean O’Mhurchu Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich

  4. Ciaran O’Duinn Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich

  5. Liam McDonald St Mary’s Maynooth

  6. Conor McAtteer Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich

  7. Thomas Lunn St Josephs Kilcock

  8. Mark McDonald Coole

  9. Séanie Whyte Robertstown

  10. Cillian Madden Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich



5th Class Girls:

  1. Aoishe Gormally Coole

  2. Maeve Caffrey Presentation Maynooth

  3. Georgia Nolan Coole

  4. Tayo Akintayo Scoil Coca Kilcock

  5. Aoife Murnane Presentation Maynooth

  6. Laura Ðempsey Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich

  7. Aoife Carroll Coole

  8. Mia Cunningham Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich

  9. Ciara McHale Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich

  10. Bolu Oloyede Presentation Maynooth


5th Class Boys:

  1. Joseph Richards St Mary’s Maynooth

  2. Hughie O’Donnell Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich

  3. Alex Byrne St Jospehs Kilcock

  4. Karen Pillay St Mary’s Maynooth

  5. Toby McMoreland St Josephs Kilcock

  6. Finn Conheady Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich

  7. Martin O’Brien St Josephs Kilcock

  8. Ciaran Tapley St Josephs Kilcock

  9. Cormac Clare Coole

  10. Arthur Byrne St Mary’s Maynooth


​6th Class Girls:

  1. Aoife McNerney Presentation Maynooth

  2. Orla O’Mahoney Robertstown

  3. Niamh McDonald Presentation Maynooth

  4. Anne NiBhroin Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich

  5. Lucy Doherty Newtown NS

  6. Carla Duffy Presentation Maynooth

  7. Ruby Olivier Scoil Coca

  8. Aoife Richardstown Presentation Maynooth

  9. Emily Mahon Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich

  10. Aoife Carey Coole


6th Class Boys:

  1. Conan Lennon St Mary’s Maynooth

  2. Niall Cullen Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich

  3. Andrew McGrath Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich

  4. Ryan McHale Gaelscoil ui Fhiaich

  5. Darragh Loughrey Coole

  6. Conor Walsh Robertstown

  7. Liam O’Connor St Mary’s Maynooth

  8. Cathal Flynn St Mary’s Maynooth

  9. Daniel Smale Robertstown

  10. Oisin Hanlon Robertstown

Kildare Cross Country - Kildare - 01/10/2017



Girls u10

2. Elaina O’Malley

9. Roisin Beggan

11. Erin Murray

14. Lucy O’Rorke

27. Tara McEnroe

45. Sadhbh Brennan


1st club team


Boys u10

3. Akin Akintayo

17. Cormac Murray

18. Robert Murphy

24. Hugh Dowling

25. Senan Loughrey

27. Gearoid McCauley

33. Patrick O’Keeffe


2nd club team


Girls u12

4. Aoishe Gormley

14. Tayo Akintayo

15. Georgia Nolan

21. Sofia Moorehouse

28. Hannah O’Rorke

31. Eve Daly

36. Grace Keogh

37. Rionnach Lennon

40. Meadhbh Cullen

43. Grace Maher


4th club team


Boys u12

1.Conor Murphy County Kildare champion

5. Joseph Richards

6. Robert Lynch

12. Daniel Geraghty

13. Cillian McCauley

18. Finn Dowling

19. Mark McDonald

25. Conor mcnerney

32. Jake Rimmer

35. Adam Gibbons


1st club team


Girls u14

3. Aoife mcnerney

5. Ava Geoghegan

10. Niamh McDonald

12. Cliona O’Toole

19. Ruby Olivier

35. Emma McEnroe


1st club team


Boys u14

2. Thomas Richards

4. Conan Lennon

5. Tadgh McCauley

13. Darragh Loughrey

22. Sean Brennan


1st club team


Girls u16

2. Orla Reidy

3. Kirsten Monaghan

6. Aoife Rattigan

10. Maud O’Shea

13. Ciara Gormley

14. Rachel McEnroe

15. Lea Murray


1st club team ‘A’

3rd club team ‘B’


Boys u16

3. Oisin Farrell

5. Eoin Richards

13. Ben Doherty


1st club team


Girls u18

2. Aine Burke


Boys u18

4. Shane McNerney

Fantastic performances at around 1 of the Kildare cross country championship hosted by ourselves at Larchill Gardens today. Superb running by all and some great results too. Results of the juveniles are below. However a special mention to out one individual winner and Co Kildare champion. Well done Conor Murphy on his first county title.

Cross county is all about teams and today St Cocas won six team title, one 2nd place, one 3rd place a one 4th place. Congratulations to the  athletes and coaches.

A massive thanks to Larchill Gardens and to Michael for allowing us to host the championships on his wonderful garden follies. Also to the adult club members who turned out to help with parking and stewarding on the course. Well done all.

National U23 1500m - Athlone - 29/01/2017

Fantastic finish by Kevin Kelly to take the national u23 1500m title in Athlone. A gun to tape win in 3.56.

Girls U13 400m Final - 22/01/2017

Girls U13 4x100m Final, Coca's lane 3, great closing event to a long but fantastic day for St. Coca's - well done all athletes

Celtic Cross Country - Cardiff - 22/01/2017

Congratulations to Kevin Kelly on his performance in today's Celtic cross country in Cardiff. 6th in the u23 race and 2nd Irishman. Well done.

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